Friday, February 17, 2017

Viewers of The One Show were left furious after Matt Baker dropped a bombshell about the death of a rare bird and didn’t seem to be taking the news too seriously.

After a short film about Norman the Booby, a bird indigenous to the Caribbean, and his return to strength after he was found exhausted and malnourished, Matt delivered revealed the bad news that he hadn’t survived the quarantine to send him home.

Norman (BBC)

Viewers fell in love with Norman as they saw how the RSPCA gave Norman a daily bath to keep his feathers moist, fed him fish kept him warm with a special heater.

But at the end of the film, Matt said: “Well it all seemed so positive but I have got some bad news.

Matt Baker and Angela Scanlon (BBC)

“Ever since Mike filmed that segment a couple of months ago, we have heard some sad news. Norman has died.

“He needed warm weather to survive, he was flown over to the Cayman Islands but sadly he didn’t make it out. Sorry to have to tell you that.”

Matt’s co-host Angela Scanlon was even accused of “smirking.”

The One Show is on BBC One on weeknights at 7pm.

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